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IEMSA Award Criteria

Golden Siren Award Criteria

 If you know an EMS professional who continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty and has a minimum of 25 years of service, you can nominate them for a Golden Siren Award.  Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. 

IEMSA Provider Award Criteria

IEMSA EMT of the year: This award is for any active EMT in the state of Indiana that has excelled in their craft. They have provided excellent patient care, a high level of customer service, and went above and beyond to set themselves to a higher standard.

IEMSA Paramedic of the year:  This award is for any active Paramedic in the state of Indiana that has excelled in their craft. They have provided excellent patient care, a high level of customer service, and went above and beyond to set themselves to a higher standard.

Johnna Parker Dispatcher of the year: This award is presented to the Dispatcher who has excelled in their role. This persons mannerisms work to calm the called, provides a resource to the caller and providers in a calm and reassuring, manner, and sets a high level or integrity and education in making themselves a consummate professional of their craft.

IEMSA Educator of the year: This individual provides a high quality of education to those that are in attendance to their classes and whom they may precept. Their level of knowledge and expertise assists the students with obtaining a high success rate on their exams and makes them a competent provider. Consistently works to hone their craft.

IEMSA Agency Leader of the year: This person will set the bar for leadership high. They will lead by example, work beside their providers, and provide guidance and forward thinking. They will be active in their community. They manage with fairness and works to bring their service in line with evidence based medicine.

IEMSA Political Engagement Award: This award goes to the service that has provided significant political and legislative support and leadership to the State of Indiana and the IEMSA as a whole. This may be with working with legislators and lobbyists, financial support, and other legislative functions. This services assistance has helped bring about the changes needed within our profession.

IEMSA Community Impact Award: This award is for a service who has made the most impact to the community in which they serve. This can be through projects or through community education and training. The work of the individuals collectively have made the service stand out within their service area.

If you have questions about these awards, contact Robert Miller at

EMS Provider Award Nominations

Each year we accept nominations for IEMSA Providers of the Year. Do you know an EMT, Paramedic, EMS Educator, or Dispatcher whose work is just BAM! AMAZING!?

You should really consider nominating that individual for a Provider of the Year Award! The awards will be presented at the Golden Siren Awards Banquet in Indianapolis.

Below is the criteria and information that you will need to submit with your recommendation. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. We will be sending submissions to representatives from other State EMS Associations who select the winners. This voting ensures that they are selected based on merit rather than connections and relationships.
Thank you in advance for you time and commitment.

Award Categories:

  • IEMSA EMT of the Year
  • IEMSA Paramedic of the Year
  • IEMSA Educator of the Year
  • IEMSA Johanna Parker Dispatcher of the Year
  • IEMSA Agency Leader of the Year (any service within IEMSA Coverage)
  • IEMSA Political Engagement Award (Service with the most Political Impact)
  • IEMSA Community Impact Award (Service with programs that had most impact to the citizens)

*** Please submit all information using our award form at the link below no later than 2/16/2024***

The form will ask for the following items:

  • The nominee's full name
  • Department
  • Age
  • Years in service
  • Provider level
  • Date certified
  • Accomplishments and a detailed bio
  • Certifications
  • Nominee photo
  • Any reason you feel they should be the winning candidate! To include anything that sets them apart.
  • Any other additional information that is needed and important.

If you have questions, contact Robert Miller at

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