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2021 Golden Siren Award Nominations

2021 EMS Provider Award Nominations

Golden Siren Nominations Welcome

The IEMSA GOLDEN SIREN (EMS Hall of Fame) Awards Banquet will be held at the Primo Banquet and Conference Center in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 7th.

We are very excited to induct the next group of individuals to the Golden Siren’s. If you know an EMS professional who continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty please see the criteria and information below and take a moment to submit that individual with your recommendation.

Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. Thank you, in advance, for you time and commitment.

Nominations should include:

From: Your name
Name: Nominee
Years in service: (minimum of 25 years required);
Provider level:
Date certified:

Please include a detailed biography, work and life history, to include places worked and positions held, family information, and the reason why they deserve to be a Golden Siren. We welcome detail and as much information as you are able to provide.

When completed please attach the following information to the email.

- A picture of the nominee
- The nominee's coat or blazer size
- The name and contact information of a relative to be present to introduce the nominee and read their bio. Email to

**** please return all awards information and packets by email asap and no later than 2/15/22 *****

Submit your nominee today to Robert Miller at miller@phoenixparamedics.com.


It is that time of the year again! We are now accept nominations for IEMSA Providers of the Year. Do you know an EMT, Paramedic, EMS Educator, or Dispatcher whose work is just BAM! AMAZING!?

You should really consider nominating that individual for a Provider of the Year Award! The awards will be presented at the Saturday, May 7th Golden Siren Awards Banquet in Indianapolis.

Below is the criteria and information that you will need to submit with your recommendation. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible we will be sending submissions to representatives from the all-states EMS Association who select this year's winners. This voting insures that they are selected based on merit rather than connections and relationships.
Thank you in advance for you time and commitment.

2021 Award Categories:
IEMSA 2021 EMT of the Year
IEMSA 2021 Paramedic of the Year
IEMSA 2021 Educator of the Year
IEMSA 2021 Johanna Parker Dispatcher of the Year

**** Please have all nominations returned by February 15, 2022 ******
Please attach the following information to the email.
-A picture of Nominee
- The nominee's full name:
- Department:
- Age:
- Award being nominated for:
- Years in service:
- Provider level:
- Date certified:
- Accomplishments:
- A detailed bio
- Certifications
- Any reason you feel they should be the winning candidate! To include anything that sets them apart.
- Any other additional information that is needed and important.

Submissions should be emailed to Robert Miller before February, 15th at miller@phoenixparamedics.com.

your indiana ems association

About the association

Our Association represents to the best of its ability EMS providers, technicians educators and sponsors across Indiana. This includes all government services, fire departments, hospital-based, and private services as well as profit and not-for-profit, ground ambulance, fixed wing and rotary winged EMS providers.


Address: P.O. Box K, Griffith IN. 46319

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